Command Line Tools (Stable)
The following commands are located under "dist" subdirectory.
Idl Compiler
Command Name : idl2nc
Usage Generate Corba stub files based on the input IDL definition.
Command options Description
-all Generate mapping for all include files
Select a target language for code generation.
The following languages are supported in version 1.0
CS - C#
JS - J#
VB - VB.Net
CME - Chrome v1.5 or above
DPR - Delphi 2006 or above
-d directory_name Provide a way to specify the output directory. This option will not use "generated" directory.

-invokeMethod [option] [option] can be one of the following choice.
The method (optimize the searching algorithm) used to implement the POA invoke method. If not specified, Classes is used.  
-D Define a symbol, equivalent to #define.

-importlink equivalent to "import" in IDL definition. The IDL compiler feed in the IDL definitions indicated in the importlink parameters
-I allow specification of the include directory
-native define native mapping
  idl2nc demo.idl -native cookie System.Object
-transform Replace the existing package name by a new package name
idl2nc demo.idl -transform x:x.y.z
-nolocalstub generate stubs without local invocation path
-noprefix don't use prefix as package names
-noreverseprefix The package are used as package name but they are not reversed.
-nosekeleton Don't generate skeleton.
-nostub Don't generate stub.
-notie Don't generate tie class for delegation purpose.
-package Generate file in package name/namespace
idl2nc sample.idl -package demo
-quiet Suppress any output same as -silence
-release Show version number.
-minTabSize [size] The minimum size of method table
-userInterfaces Generate user implementation classes for IDL interfaces.
-XgenerateValueFactory [impl postfix] Generate default factories for value types. Create instance of [valuetype name][impl postfix]
-XgenerateValueImpl [postfix] Generate default implementations of value types. Create classes with name [valuetype name][postfix]
-j2ee Generate IDL classes with RMI repository ID and overloading methods
-com Append the COM declarative identifiers inside the classes generated
-serialize Append the serialization declarative identifier inside the classes generated
# generate C# files
idl2nc -IC:\work -lang CS sample.idl
Naming Service
Command Name : namesvc [<file name>]
Command options Description
[file name] the IOR file name of the running naming service.
namesvc c:\var\NS_Ref
Naming Context Lister
Command Name : cl
Must start the naming service (namesvc) first and then start any service you want such as transaction service (txnsvc).
e.g. To see what services has been registed in naming service.

Type the following command in command prompt.

command prompt> cl

Command Name : fixior [host] [port] [IOR file name]
Command options Description
[host] host name or IP (
[port] valid port number
[IOR file name] the IOR file that are going to be patched with the host name and the port number indicated in the command line arguments.
Ping Corba Object
Command Name : pingobj [ IOR_string | -f file_name ]
Command options Description
[IOR_string] the IOR string of the pinged Corba objects.
-f the location of the IOR file that contains teh IOR string of the pinged Corba objects.
Print IOR
Command Name : printior [ IOR_string | -f file_name ]
Command options Description
[IOR_string] IOR string
-f IOR file name
printior -f c:\ns_ref
Implementation Repository
Command Name : imrrep
Command options Description
-p [port] Port to listen on for requests
-f [file] Read in server table from this file
-n Start with an empty table
-i [iorfile] Place IOR in this file
-b [backupfile] Put server table in this file.
-a Allow auto-registering of servers.
-h Print the help screeen
Implementation Repository Demaen
Command Name : imrd
Implementation Repository Manager
Command Name : imrmgr
Command options Description
add | edit
complete syntax : add | edit [servername] <-h hostname -c startup_cmd>
-h <hostname>  Restart server on this host.
-c command  Restart server with this command.
If -h is not set, the local host name (that of the manager) is used.
Note : The -c switch must always follow after the -h switch,
because all arguments after -c command are interpreted as the 
startup command.
complete syntax : remove [server | host] [name]
Remove server or host <name> from the repository.
complete syntax : list <server | host>

List all servers or all hosts.
complete syntax : host <servername> [<time>]

Hold the server <servername> (if time is specified, it is
released automatically)
complete syntax : release <servername>

Relaese the server <servername>
complete syntax : start <servername>

Start the server <servername> on its given host with the given command.
complete syntax : setdown <servername>

Declare the server <servername> as down to the repository.
This means that the repository tries to start the server up after
recieving the next request for it.
This is actually an operation only committed by the ORB, but it
might be useful for server migration and recovery of crushed servers.
Note :
use "hold" before, to aviod the server being restarted at the 
wrong moment.
savetable Make a server backup of the server table.
complete syntax : setdown [force]
Shut the IMR down orderly. If "force" is specified, the ORB is forced
down, ignoring open connections.
gui Not supported in version 1.0
help Print this help screen
Domain Service
Command Name : domainsvc [ -help | IOR file_name ]
Command options Description
-help Print the help screen
[ IOR file_name ] Select a target language for code generation
Transaction Service
Command Name : txnsvc
Type in the following command:

command prompt>txnsvc
Property Service
Command Name : propertysvc
Type in the following command:

command prompt>propertysvc
Time Service
Command Name : timesvc

Type in the following command:

command prompt>timesvc
Proxy Service
Command Name : proxysvc [port] [<IOR file_name>] [-dynamic]
Command options Description
[port] port number
[<IOR file_name>] file name that save the IOR string of the running proxy service.
[ -dynamic ]

Event Service
Command Name : eventsvc
Type in the following command:

command prompt>eventsvc
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