It is possible to run TomORB application on Unix platform?
TomORB has been tested on Linux platform.  It is supposed to work in any Unix platform if Mono is available on it.  At the later time, TomORB will be tested on Mac OSX.  The test result will be published if ready.
Why it is necessary to include tomorb_config.xml in the application base driectory?
Does TomORB support Compact Framework (CF) ?
Compact Framework will be supported in the next major release.  Due to the limited threading capabilities of compact framework classes, Corba POA may not be supported in Compact Framework version.
May TomORB provides HTTP Tunnelling service to ease the firewall limit?
The old Jacorb package comes with HTTP Tunnelling, it is possible ports this service into TomORB.  Maybe, this service would be ported at the next release
Not so many people to request Corba services on J#.  Why to provide one?

CorbaTech intends to support all .Net languages come from Microsoft. Anothor reason is J# runtime may be utiliized to test whether the existing Java program can be ported into .Net platform. If the J# package is stable, then a Java version will be issued later.

Is it possible to run Java Applets on J# platform?

J# doesn't support Applet code.  However, J# browser control enable use to run applet code on it. 


Why the package includes two compilers, one for J#, and one for C#?

J# compiler is originated from JacORB.  J# syntax is quite different from C#, it is complicated and impossible for J# program to consume the exisiting CORBA interfaces defined in C# syntax.  Therefore it is necessary to build up another TomORB packages for J#.


Why to break the whole package into the several libraries?  Why not to include everything in one library?

Many people argue that one of the weak points in the J2ee packages is the size so huge and the functions provided are not what the consumer wants. The consumers normally use only a subset of the J2ee functions. The same case is true in Corba. Therefore, TomORB is allowed for the developers to tailer-made what Corba functions TomORB should provide. Then the resources overhead requested by Corba is greatly minimized so as to improve the utilization of the limited resources such as CPU power, RAM and processing time.

Submit bugs.  How?

Post the bug detail in the bug section of the following link:

Bug Tracking System in sourceforge.net


How to contribute?
Suggest new features, what to do?

Email your suggestion to me.  It is better to post your idea in the mailing list.


May write VB programs for Mono?

Mono basic is not ready now.  It doesn't support multiple interfaces as I tested in the past, and it cannot process the directory separator under MS-Windows platform correctly.  This compiler is now under heavily developed.  The compatability test will be carried out if it is ready for production.


Why to support different language mappings other than C#?

If you are familier with VB, but don't know much about C#.  It is planful for you to debug a program that including C# codes.  Borland Jenava only support C# mapping for CORBA.  That means you need to generate IDL files into a C# library, and then create one more program for your VB codes.  If the servers throw exceptions, it is ncessary to browse through the C# codes to see what's wrong inside.  You will be confused if you are unfamilier with C# syntax.  The situation is same for the other developers using the languages other than C#.  One more reason to create the mappings for different languages, this project intends to build a CCM server.  The CCM component developers are encouraged to write the Corba coponents in their favorite languages, they don't need to be forced to waste time to learn one more language for component development.


Will TomORB supports the other platform other than .Net?

Good idea, we intends to build up Corba package for small device such as microcontrollers, DSPs and portable handheld devices etc. However, .Net is quite large and doesn't fit into a small device. Hence a Corba package in C will be developed in future to fill this gap.